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2017-01-05 08:54 am

O Death! Won't You Spare Me Over 'til Another Year?

Our Twin Peaks marathon was cut short and we only managed to get through the pilot last night. Apparently a half-bottle of wine, a comfortable couch, and warm dogs were enough to do me in and force an early bed time.

So much rain today with the promise of more to come. The funeral for Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie is slated for tomorrow at our Hollywood Hills park (I work for a cemetery / mortuary) and I can only imagine how difficult it's going to be for everyone. Everyone here is on guard about the media or fans trying to sneak in to what is supposed to be a private ceremony -- I hope everyone is respectful. Once things have died down, I'd like to visit and see where they've been interred. Carrie Fisher seemed like such a wonderful person and it seems so grossly unfair that she's left us so soon. But I'm reminded of Death's line from The High Cost of Living... "You get what anyone gets - you get a lifetime."